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Congratulations to all of this holiday is the main achievements and aspirations of our people to success and inspiration. A better life and optimism.
On the national holiday of the Ukrainian people -
Independence Day - we sincerely congratulate you!
Prosperity, happiness, joy, inspiration,
Good, health and harmony we wish.
Let this holiday you inspiration adds
In the future better pave the path of destiny.



Holiday "Legend of the Carpathians" is 600 meters above sea level in an oak grove that is not pidtoplyuye.

Come, relax from everyday life, zaryaditsya energy for next week.

Here you can visit the sauna, play with children in volleyball, chess, table tennis, go horseback riding, gather berries, mushrooms, barbecue grill, use an arbor, barbecue, ride a bicycle.



"Legend of the Carpathians"


6-7 July 2010


of ethnography - Folk Festival

"Kupalska night in the Carpathians"


* Folklore - ethnographic action

"Flowers ferns crying to the mountains"

* Exhibition - sale of souvenirs gutsulskih
* Sales Carpathian forest gifts

(Blueberries, grapes, mushrooms, honey)

* Wide range of dishes of national cuisine

(Ram on skewer, etc.)

* Fun at Kupala Vatra
* Weaving wreaths

Around 06.07.09 at 18.00

We invite everyone!


9 maya


Spring in Carpathians!!!

Go to the recreation center "Legend of the Carpathians" in the period from 20.03 to 28.0410, and receive 20% discount on accommodation and up to 10% on food.


Initiation of a set of survival school

School Survival:

(For beginners and those who consider themselves strong and fearless)

1.In program includes special training:

• Scout training;
• preparation of special army units;

2.Zanyattya conducted by experienced instructors (former spetsnazivtsi, athletes, doctors).

3.Zanyattya held in the Carpathian Mountains, the recreation "Legend of the Carpathians", "Migovo».
4.Osnovni theme preparation:

• 12 days (10 days - Military Training 12-15 people, 2 days - summing up);
• Accommodation in the field (in tents);
• Meals in the field (in nature);
• Psychological preparation (vzhyvaemost the team);
• Targeting areas (options) ;
• Organization Camp:

   • Bed; 
   • Nutrition (getting food); 
   • Cultivation of a fire ...; 
   • matching uniforms for the situation; 
   • Life on the rules of military regulations;

• Driving Armor (theory, practice);
• fire training (air, firearms):

   • theory, study arms, precautions, 
   • Practice weapons possession;

• riding:

   • Theory; 
   • Practice;

• Methods dogfight:

   • Theory; 
   • Practice;

• Medical training:

   • Definition of injury; 
   • first aid;


Special conditions for participants of Camp School Survival »

1.Required Documents party:

• Application form (form number 1);
• Medical certificate (Form № __);
• Payment (transfer, cash);
• Passport (student ticket);

2.Required Equipments:

• camouflage (climbing suit);
• Warm jacket (shturmovku);
• headwear;
• Boots (wool socks);
• more soft linen;
• Toiletries;
• flask, pot, spoon, mug;
• Flashlight ( 2 sets of batteries);
• Compass (you can map the Carpathian region);
• Threads, needles, matches, polyethylene 1 m by 3 m;
• Rich-bag or backpack;
• Sport outfit (dress, shoes);
• Workbook, 2-3 pens of different colors;
• simplified first-aid kit;


• Photo and video devices;
• Computer;
• Clothes Weekend;


a.Do vyzhivannya school formed a group with physical training group (age, health indicators, physical training);
b.Kursant school training is right to terminate the study at any time, but did not pay him back;
s.Proyshovshi courses receive a diploma school of survival;
d.Proyshovshi perfectly receive 25% discount on tuition (received refund of fees);

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