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 Ridge Sokilske


This route starts from the foot of the spine Sokilske, which stretches over 10 km of the river in Toronto s.Yavorovi the river Cheremosh s.Tyudiv in Kosovo, Mr..

1.Start. S. Yavoriv (at a distance of 11.5 km from Kosovo). Hence, by laying a path leading into the mountains.

2. Stop 1. Waterfall Heletivskyy. Orihinalnyy He that formed on an inclined solid rock of sandstone and a length of about 20 meters iduzhe attracts stars, because they do not like the other huky (waterfalls)

3. Stop 3. Cliff Stone Pipe2.jpg

From a waterfall 250 meters left on the lawn among the forest is picturesque rock-stone cradle. It is so named because of similar lyulku.Bahatovikovi natural effects of the sun made of stones rizin depth, which clearly shows imprints of shellfish that lived in a sea of 20.10 million years ago.


From there proceed to Sokilske spine. There is only Basil Petrychuk estate, which gives a good idea of the traditional past gutsulskuyu rural lifestyle. Around hirstki are seen numerous ridges and panoramic view of the surrounding villages of Babin, Lesser and Greater Rozhyniv, Bukovtsya, Snidavky, Rivers, Sokolovka.

In the meadows grow Sokilske typical samples serednohirskoho riznotrav "I -" Red "mountain arnica, dear dvolysta, plavun - barane, relict fern, bahatoryadnyk Brauna.Okremi tree reaches a height of 30-35 meters. On the slopes of a source in the local - churkala.

4.jpgRocks Sokal interesting for its unusual, bizarre forms. As a result of weathering they emerged different recess, which resemble windows, loophole, caves. Some of them have two or three names, from local mountaineers, climbers, turystiv.Mozhna hear such names as

Semenko stone Vateleyivka, Bobelka, thunderbolt, the royal throne and other

5.jpgPaved "dorozhyna Angle" is a very Tyudivskoyu rock. Rock sung in songs and legends. It is here folk legend poselyla Huzul Prince (King Gutsul) and Sokilske Princess, which protect the native land from time immemorial.

6.jpgSokilske princess dwells on top of rocks. The mountain looks beautiful with mountains, beautiful rozchisuye forward and sings wonderful songs about the Carpathian mountains. And who does not respect the mountains and mountain people, beware of romance Princess 



Pass Bukovets. Rock "painted stone"


Available in Kosiv interesting object for hiking - rock painted stone. Hiking requires no special training and equipment. A one-day participants in attacks can be both adults and children.

There are several reasons to choose among the many other trips just this spring - painted on stone. For all travel needs for one day. Routes available for children and tourists in the honorary age. The road is mostly inhabited places are clear guidelines, so the risk of lost - tiny. During the raid a view of the Carpathians are very different: the gentle, wavy Pokutsko Bukovina ranges, the crag Chornogory, the domes and Chyvchynskyh Hrynyavskyh mountains. Honorable purpose of trip - an unusual rock.

2.jpgStarting point hike - Bukovetsky pass. Landmark - a large table with the name of the village on a hill above it - tserkovtsya a remarkable entrance made in the form of terraces, high ladder. Moving highway to dirt road. It is left from the highway. Painted stone - there .... We proceed on the fork: the road is divided into two parts. One turns sharply right and goes up rapidly. Another, which leads to the left, almost does not change height. You can go and one, and another

We turn right to reach the ridge to Mount Kapilash (1165 meters). Way impinges on the mansion. We see in front of a slope, and has overcome his stand on the ridge (a ridge that has no name, locals say it "the spine to the written stones").

3.jpgExpressive is the backbone of the trail, traversuye top Kapilasha and comes into the forest. Elevation and slope is so gentle, not knowing the top of the mountain, you can pass by him and not notice. Crossing a small forest, and again opynyayemosya on open ground. The path leads up more backbone, again immersed in the forest among the trees and turns right. Here it is - painted stone.

 Once can then come down as the initial water and the Carpathian Mountains just started to grow, or from land or water out of ogre - yasnovolosi blue-eyed Titans. They supposedly grew with the mountains and gained power - and soon it became a family size and powerful.

Once played in the spring of their leader on Trembita - gathered all his brothers and told them the important word. After they took to prepare for distant travels: ore sought Kuvala weapons, ships were built. And pustylysya conquer distant province and country.


Ogre walking the shores and seas: gaining the kingdom and the most beautiful women, founded the state and military laws written in stone axes and rocks. There was no equal to them in sichah on the battlefield, either in conversations or in love. Finally, they pravytyvsyudy.Buly derzhavtsyamy wise, fair. Built cities and roads, collect treasures and knowledge. And while began to speak different languages, ancient land to not forget. Took in Verhovine they secretly over a single king-diviner, who with the heavenly world voices heard, orders received and all mighty passed.

5.jpgOnce again heard in the spring Titans far cry trembita. They left their palaces, and gathered in the Carpathians. Great forgiven holder with life and with his brothers. Before his death bequeathed them in battles does not cut heads, human blood is shed. And keep the secret of its origin.


Giants brought the dead king on the mountain, his coffin stone closer to heaven, put (this block, obviously, is the scripture stone). Their axes vyrubaly it Oberegi. Guard to set her local elders. I went to rule the world.

They say that somewhere in Montenegro is still sitting in a deep cave, a giant grizzly dido and vychytuye book praviku what was and what will happen next. Read seer and waiting until someone opens the course at the place chosen to come and changed its terms. 


  Pass Nemchich


Our itinerary begins with located on the right bank of the river Cheremosh Vizhnitsa town, the district center of Chernivtsi region. Cheremosh is no longer black and white - the two rivers merge thirty miles above

2.jpgThe road leads through the village Vyzhenka between picturesque hills, sometimes serpentine twists ... It also installed a ski rope hoist.

After Nemchich Vyzhenka combined with Roztoka, the village in the valley Cheremosh. Pass the main road turns right, to the west. A to Protyatyh stones should rise along the lift in the south. The most famous and greatest from Protyatyh Rocks - Sokolyna eye.

This rock formation of sandstone has several exciting attractions. Firstly, on the north side, almost at the foot, is a small cave trilocular ... In the cave you can get at least two holes, and two other, narrower, go through the rock over a dozen meters from the fast east. Incidentally, the name "Protyati" (or the local dialect, "protyeti) these stones were just a number Transverse cracks - softer sandstone rocks millennia vymyvalo with rocks, so it seems as if some giant tool protnuly hole. Secondly, the top Falcon Oka is such a natural reservoir of approximately 70 centimeters in diameter and approximately the same depth, slopes pomerezhani drains, and the highest place dug-out has made with hands pointer sides of the world.


The third miracle, perhaps the most impressive - the top slab of stone forms a giant arcade, from under which the slope of 45 degrees leads to the bottom of the canyon.

From Falcon Oka have a little climb up to the east, you can occasionally explore other rocks that tower on both sides. More dirt road leading through a pair of stone "gate" to the south, to priselke Bediyiv. But here, as in a fairy tale, only without strashylok: go left - the "Iron" source caught, go straight - Cherries go down the mountain, and go right - in Roztoka go down past the waterfalls.


4.jpg 5.jpg 

Auto route "Carpathian Gold Ring" 
CBS - Yavoriv - Kryvorivnya - Verkhovyna - Vorokhta - Yaremche - Coloma

Running route 10 hours
The length of 250 km.

Holiday Legend of the Carpathians "--
Kolomiya (tour: Pokuttya cultural center, founded in antamy IV - V century AD. The first mention dating in 1241 the Galician-Volyn chronicle as "lucrative solo city" Prince Daniel Galician. The city received Magdeburg Law in 1405, and emblem of the famous October 16, 1395. Visit: museum Eggs - the only museum in Ukraine Easter eggs, its architecture has a form of Easter eggs; Monastyrok (Spassky) Church in 1587, two-tier belfry (XVIII century., Parfiyalnyy Roman Catholic Church St.. Lady Mary (1775, rebuilt 1830 - 1895 AD) - now the Greek Catholic parish of St.. svsch. Josaphat Kuntsevich, Cathedral (1855-1873 AD)) --
Yaremcha (The first historical mention dates back to 1727, according to legend, in ancient times is settled escaped from feudal pressure-Erema pupil, with his name and associated city names. here come the tourists from all over the world to enjoy exotic natural beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, as well as purchase various unique gifts. Visit the picturesque waterfall "Kaplivets, restaurant Hutsul, Nativity of Mary (eighteenth century.)) --
smt. Vorokhta (center for national teams from the Ski jumping, biathlon, ski races. Wild beauty of the mountains, fast Carpathian rivers, waterfalls detonating the air infused with needles that can cure most difficult respiratory illness. A visit to Holy Trinity Church (XVII century. ), chair lift length is 2 km, review Montenegrin array (Goverla), one of the largest stone bridge in the world - the railway bridge, built in 1895, with a total length of 130 meters, flying is - 65 m) --
smt. Verhovina (heart of the Carpathian Mountains - 620 meters above sea level, located on the town. Cheremosh Black, review of Pop Ivan mountain - 2022 meters, on which the former observatory, which is called White elephant, 10 investigated Springs)) --
pp. Kryvorivnya (historical references dating from 1719 year. Visiting GM Hotkevich estate and museum Franka) --
Pass Bukovets - pp. Yavoriv - pm CBS (National Park Huzulschyna, capital Guts arts and crafts. Viewing of the exhibition halls of the regional organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine exhibition of works by artists and folk artists, hear the sounds trembita and meet with artists who produce their own dulcimer, violin , flute, and drymby trembita; visit Kosovo (Smodnyanskiy) market where wood, metal, ceramics, beads, wool captivate the heart and vision for their beauty and designs, visit Equestrian Sports Club, Manor Museum UOC MP Patriarch Volodymyr (Romaniuk) ) --
Holiday Legend of the Carpathians ".

Road route "Gutsulsky "


Running route 10 hours
The length of 150 km.

Holiday Legend of the Carpathians "--
of CBS (National Park Hutsul, high-end mountain BITr rivers, clean air. Capital Guts applied decorative arts.
Program: review of exhibition of artists and folk artists in the exhibition halls Gutsulschiny regional organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, hear the sounds trembita and meet with artists who produce their own dulcimer, violin, flute, and drymby trembita; visit Kosovo (Smodnyanskiy) market where products wood, metal, ceramics, beads, wool captivate the heart and vision for their beauty and designs, visit Equestrian Sports Club, Manor Museum UOC MP Patriarch Volodymyr (Romaniuk)) --
pp. Kosmach
pp. Sheshory (located in one of the most beautiful corners of the Carpathians, at an altitude of 600 m above sea level, near the river Pistynka, with amazing natural waterfalls. This area is justly considered one of the centers Gutsulschiny, its ethnic crafts and folk culture. Holidays silvery waterfalls)) -- --
Holiday Legend of the Carpathians ".

Combined (car and pedestrian) route number 1

On rocks and natural mineral springs park Vizhnitsky "

1. Auto Nemchich pass entrance to the valley of the river Cheremosh. Objects:
geological detachment Sokilske mountain ridge;
Prykarpattya first monument of Taras Shevchenko;
shelter "Nemchich.
2. Pedestrian crossing with a small climb from the pass to Nemchich Tracts "Protyate stone. Objects:
rock "Falcon's Stone";
rock ravine;
3. Pedestrian crossing: - descent from the mountain ridge to valley flow Vyzhenka Tracts "lawn". Travel tract to the road with. Vyzhenka. Objects:
4. Avtopereezd to the database "Legend of the Carpathians"

The length of a car 42 km.
Length of walking 10 km.
Duration 8.10 b

Combined (car and pedestrian) route number 2

Mountain Ridge Sokilske (939 m)

1. Avtopod'ezd from. Sokolivka (bulb)

2. Walking route: a steep ascent on a mountain path on the spine Sokilske.

3. Travel ridges with little height and a great view.
Rock sandstone heights of 25-30 guided tour of one of them.
small grotto (possible location privacy founder yudaistskoho flow Hasidism, mysticism Baal Shem-cent).
4. Descent to the spine, the Cheremosh.
geological detachment Sokilske spine;
monument of Taras Shevchenko.
5. Return to the recreation center, "Legends of the Carpathians.

The length of a car 40 km.
Length of 15 km walk.
Duration 8.10 b

Combined (car and pedestrian) route number 3

Up tit (to Opryshkivska pantries).

1. Avtopod'ezd the village Kryvorivnya
Pass Bukovets;
gutsulskuyu House raja;
Museum of Life;
Kryvorivnya village.
2. Walking the transition to a suspended laying across the river Black Cheremosh.

3. The rapid rise in the mountain Sinitsy
magnificent view of the valley town. Black Cheremosh;
Acoustics Echo Mountain;
review of the geological fault on the top;
Dovbusha wintering place with fellow;
4. Return to the village road Kryvorivnya.

The length of a car 60 km.
Length of 6 km walk.
Duration (7 h).

Combined (car and pedestrian) route number 4

In the scriptures Stone (1221 m)

1. Avtopod'ezd to pass Bukovets pedestrian crossing with a gradual climb.
gutsulskie housing;
panorama on both hands of the spine;
review of rocks painted stone;
petroglyphs, later inscriptions.
Relax in the summer - the mountain gathering berries.
2. Return to pass.

The length of the car - 56 km.
The length of the walk - 12 km.
Duration 7 hours

Combined (car and pedestrian) route number 5

On top of Knitting (1863 m)

1. Holiday Legend of the Carpathians "- Montenegrin top spokes
Avtopod'ezd to the center. Bystrets.
Pedestrian crossing on the river valley to Bystrets Tracts Hadzhyna with a small climb.
hutsulske village;
residence and creativity of the Polish writer Stanislaw Vincenz;
Poloninska economy;
Cedar Europe.
2. Elevation to the top of Rib (2001 meters), inserting the beam to the top (1863 m)
subalpine vegetation;
residual glacial relief forms - circuses, penalty;
Rock remains - spokes.
3. Return to pp. Bystrets.

4. Returning to the base by road.

The length of the car 102 km.
Length of 16 km walk.
Duration 10-12 hours

Attention! Great climb.
Wanted: wind-proof suits, warm woolen things, removable shoes. Given the length of the route and unstable weather conditions in the region, the group must be in good shape

Drive on bike number 1

Tested with a bicycle.

1. Departure from the base on forest trail
Review subsidizes war to pull Ian.
Descent to the village corners and alleys of the ancient town trip, who founded the Armenians in the early XVII century.
Review of architectural monuments.
Moving was Cheremosh a suspension bridge to the city Vizhnitse.
Veloekskursiya city. 2. Return to the database through the village and the Angles pp. Old Angles streets.

Length 20 km
The total duration of 5 hours

Drive on bike number 2

For streets and paths of Kosovo.

1. Departure from the base to the forest paths with. Volovtse with a small climb.
Descent to the city of Kosovo.
Travel the paths and streets with the attendance of monuments, objects of interest related to its history.
2. Return to base road CBS - angles.

Length 20 km
The total duration of 5 hours

We offer a number of additional tracks, which you can find out by visiting the tourist complex "Legend of the Carpathians".

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