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Horse - a unique "live simulator, which drives the right tone all the muscles rider. But on a positive psychotherapeutic effect that it provides an animal psychic and emotional state of man, written numerous scientific papers. Even Hippocrates noted that soldiers injured in battle quickly recovering, if continued to ride.

Ipoterapiya - is an individual form of rehabilitation, which are used in gymnastic exercises on horseback. In fact, it is nothing but a form of physical therapy (exercise), which serve as a tool for rehabilitation of horse riding and the process of exercise when she performed human.

Due to this unique treatment not only improved the function of autonomic systems, but also corrected physical defects. This method is now widely used worldwide, as hrannyu psychotherapy and physiotherapy. In other words, the course provides a comprehensive ippoterappiyi effect on the physical and psychic and emotional state of the patient.

On the basis of your service:

  • Education riding;
  • Equestrian riding;
  • Walking in the cart;
  • Walking on sledges (in winter);

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