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Tourist Complex "Legenda Karpat"

Kosivshchyna - land of unrestrained rock Cheremosha and famous of tourism picturesque village Kosmach. This land of talented people who survived thanks to its originality and artistic and aesthetic value. 

Today Kosiv living things and create highly Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine Mykola Korneluk, Roman Strynadyuk Dmitry Shkriblyak, Dmitry Pozhoduk, Valentine Dzhuranyuk, Paraska Boruk, Oksana Beysyuk, Michael Trushyk Hope Verbivska and other artists who have deserve it title.

Pride Kosiv is People's Artist of Ukraine, composer and singer Ostap Gavrish, poets Bohdan Radysh Vasily Gostyuk John Boychuk, Dmitry Arsenych Nikolai Twin and other artists, painters, Anatoly purse, Vladimir Humeniuk, Vasyl Boychuk, Vasyl Dutka, Anton Grygoruk, schedule John Parypa.

The peculiarity of the land, the beauty of its natural landscapes, rich flora and fauna, unique treasure of natural ecosystems, which are preserved rare surviving species of flora and fine and, as elsewhere in Ukraine, folk customs, traditional home to a culture attract many tourists of all ages.

Kosovo region famous for its wealth of natural landscapes and various types of flora and fauna, clean mountain air and mild climate, organic food, mineral water springs, waterfalls, mountain rivers transparent. A colorful clothes Huzuls, customs and rituals that date back old times, unforgettable experience for those who ever visited Kosiv.

The district (an area 51 hectares) are 15 tourist and recreational facilities, which can simultaneously healthy and relax over 1200.

Today, tourists are:

  • 3 ski base;
  • 17 museums;
  • 37 monuments of nature;
  • 3 Dendroparks;
  • 133 monuments of history, culture and architecture;
  • 3 branches of horse riding;
  • 30 tourist excursions;
  • airfield, where the quintuple world champion in aerobatics tourists are able to climb into the sky for the sports Yakovlev Yak-52 and see the beautiful landscapes of the Carpathian region.
  • In addition, all applicants have the opportunity to:

  • master the basics of beginner-rock climber;
  • Travel riding thoroughbred sport horses;
  • meet in the workshops of craftsmen from pysankas, pottery, carving, weaving and embroidery;
  • see permanent exhibitions of works of artists and folk artists in the exhibition halls
  • Gutsulschiny regional organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine;
  • enjoy rafting on the raging waters Cheremosh;
  • swim in mountain rivers with numerous small waterfalls;
  • see unique species of medicinal plants;
  • to climb the highest peak of the Carpathians - a mountain Goverlu;
  • plenty in the winter to ski;
  • hear the sounds trembita and meet with specialists who personally made dulcimer, violin, flute, and drymby trembita;
  • listen to tunes charming gutsulskih triple musicians;
  • try your favorite dishes mountaineers - nutritious, clean and very healthy, including: Banu, partying, cheese, vurda, mushrooms, dumplings with bilberry (afynamy), etc.;
  • visit Kosovo (Smodnyanskyy) Fair and buy authentic workshop wood, metal, ceramics, beads, wool, etc.;
  • visit the Park of sanatorium "CBS;
  • visit historical monuments, culture and architecture, visit the mansion-museum UPTSKP Patriarch Volodymyr (Romaniuk).
  • Increasingly popular in the area is rural green tourism. Today more than 50 rural owners are ready to receive guests in their houses.

    In short, genuine joy and opportunity to be in the embrace of nature lies in wait for you here at every turn! People who live here, as is done in the mountains between hutsuly always happy guests in his house. Maybe because this heady gutsulskaya vodka, and dishes are delicious.

    You are expected not only fantastic mountai


    n views, clean air, crystal springs with healing waters, but also a wonderful leisure, an unforgettable and unique experience.

    So welcome to the rest Kosiv! Carpathians cry!


    The biggest local central focus of historical and cultural city is Vizhnica, which is, in fact, the gateway to the National Natural Park "Vyzhnitsky. The town was first mentioned in chronicles for the Moldovan 1501. Located near the Carpathians, Vizhnica long been developed as a trading settlement, is closely associated with the highland and lowland areas of Bukovina, the fame of a trade fair tradition.

    At the end of XVIII century, with the development of forest industries Vizhnica becomes an important item on timber trade. By Cheremosh and Prut rivers timber and wood floated to Chernovtsy, and further through Bojana - in Bessarabia and Podolia. Vizhnitsky district is located in the west of Chernivtsi region, in the foothills of the Carpathians.

    The main tourist area is the potential for wellness Vizhnitsky National Nature Park, nature sanctuaries, which are within a one-day trips: Dovbusha cave, a rock 'Protyatye stones" with unique geological formation of "Hawkeye", waterfalls, and mineral water springs.  

    Vizhnichchina known art crafts (embroidery, carpet weaving, woodworking, painting krashenok). Further development of these crafts and contributes to the existing area Vizhnitsky College of Applied Arts. The district can also find the archaeological, architectural and cultural sites.

    Vizhnitsky district takes tourists all year round. Here is what to do as fans of quiet rest, and lovers of active rest. In the warm season, organized hiking in the mountains, rafting down a mountain river Cheremosh on Raft, Katamari, kayaks and other floating craft, you can also do rock climbing as professionals and beginners with experienced instructors.

    In winter you can relax, riding on mountain skiing, sleigh rides. Infrastructure winter recreation in the past two years, is growing rapidly. In addition, on the border and Vizhnitskogo Putyla areas, on the pass Nemchich, the second season are two ski lifts, planned to build more lifts with. Vizhenka near the boarding house "Green Hills".

    Currently Vizhnitsky area with its high turististsko and recreational potential is actively developing.


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