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Tourist complex "Legenda Karpat"

Restaurant to 400 people 


total seats to 90 people
2 banquet hall ; to 20 seats
Koliba (pizzeria) to 80 p / m
Koktel bar 40
  (billiards, game rides) 
Pavilions 8 of 8 for
Summer gazebo with a brazier 25 people
Organization celebrations of religious and national holidays
(live music Tuesday-Sunday)
 celebrating weddings, koorporatyviv to 400 people  Carpathian National, European, Caucasian cuisine

Orihinalnyy yetnichnyy interior design restaurant «Legend of the Carpathians»

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allow you to feel the atmosphere of a real Guts comfort, for you will team professional chefs who will offer your choice of food gutsulskoy, Ukrainian kuhni.V restaurant use Ecology friendly products from farms in the province. Dishes are prepared according to old recipes in their own processing plants: sausage, canning.

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serve banquets, weddings, Corporate events to 400 people




Koliba "Opryshkov» - the national Hutsul dishes will surprise you exquisite taste. Mushroom soup, banosh in lordly, strickle (trout) in cream - a dish that you indifferent nezalyshat gutsulskoy kitchen. And Neapolitan pizza, which is preparing for clients and firewood (20 species). 

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колиба.JPG Колиба3.JPG 


Total number of seats - 80 people
Time - 10.00-2.00 (4.00)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Disco for young people





Game Room (cocktail bar) equipped for leisure and competition - Russian and American billiards, game simulators, checkers, chess, backgammon.

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Banquet Halls "Gutsulskaya citizens," Svitlytsya Robin »
- comfortable rooms for 15-20 people, where nobody prevent you to spend time in a small circle of friends. Opening hours 11.00-24.00.


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Pavilions 8 to 8 seats



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Summer gazebo with a brazier 25 people


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Reference area:



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IMG_2095.JPG Kanikuly 002.jpg

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Administrator restaurant
8 03478 45142
S. Old Angles, Kosovo, Mr.
Ivano-Frankivsk region.
Tel / Fax 803478 45142
Tel .8 0968212266



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