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At the compound is the best mini-zoo in the Carpathians. Our guests have the opportunity to live to see the animals living in the Carpathian mountains and forests.

  • Bear "Kiryusha". Kiryushi 8 years, with interest watching the visitors and danced to their applause.
  • Wolves "Ciuc and Gek" two brothers. Often the night wind song, thus allowing to feel among wildlife.
  • November Nikita with a spouse. They often walk into the forest, but always returned, apparently because accustomed to human food and grace.
  • Raccoon - walker "Kroshka».
  • Younger birds take.

Bear Kiryusha

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Fox Mykyta


wolf Chuk


Wolf Hek


Raccoon Kroshka


Younger friends birds (6 species)




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